Week 13 The escape by Mathew O G

As the prison guard stomped his feet on the damp narrow hallway James and Tom were contemplating their master plan for escape.
Suddenly James gasped with exhilaration,” I have it” he shouted out.
As he was explaining it to Tom, he beamed with joy.

“You’re a genius”  Tom whispered.

James was as proud as a peacock.
At approximately 2 am the escape was underway. They successfully escaped but five seconds later the alarm was raised.

“Run” shouted Tom the cold, audible in his voice. As they ran they saw the guards flashlight reflecting off the water. They wanted to dive into the cornfield but they were exhausted.

4 thoughts on “Week 13 The escape by Mathew O G”

  1. I really like your story It builds up excitement and a lot of questions.
    I really think your story should be the GEM OF THE WEEK.
    Keep up the good work.
    From Leon.

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