Week 13 Truth or Dare By Matthew D

My two friends and I were playing Truth or Dare. I came up with a bizarre dare that they had to climb Mount Everest. Their faces went as white as snow. We started walking the many miles. When we reached the mountain I couldn’t see the top of the mountain because the top of the mountain was above the clouds and there was a thick mist descending on it.

“It’s time to climb the mountain,” I said to my two friends. But they were exhausted so they couldn’t even stand up.

“I guess ye won’t be climbing the mountain today,” I muttered.

One thought on “Week 13 Truth or Dare By Matthew D”

  1. Hello Matthew, I like how you wrote your story so that it seemed you really were going to climb Mount Everest. You might have needed more than 100 words to describe that. I think you have used some “wow” words in your writing to make your story more interesting for the reader. Words like, bizarre, descending and muttered worked well, as did the simile, “as white as snow”. Well done.

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