Week 14 :NATO by Liam O

It’s the 14th of August 2017 and the leaders of all the countries in NATO (N for North – A for Atlantic – T for treaty and O for organisation) are having a meeting in Seoul, South Korea. We are discussing how we will prevent WW3.

I am the leader of Canada and I am in control of this meeting.  Then 2 hours into the meeting the German leader talks about how it uses its technology to create a SUPERWEAPON.  2 minutes later I see Rusian, Chinese and North Korean soldiers waiting for a response at the front door of the building.

I was getting so frustrated I pushed my computer off the table and then I hear a crack in the front window. I stopped … I knew I had to run before the 2nd Korean War started…

3 thoughts on “Week 14 :NATO by Liam O”

  1. Well I must say you’ve picked a really topical issue for your response to this week’s Challenge Liam! I’m impressed with how much history and politics you’ve managed to squeeze into 100 words … and that’s not something we often see on here!
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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