Week 14 An angry animal by Dan

Click! Went the computer mouse.
I had just hired a monkey to do my homework.
I loathed homework-  it is a waste of time.

The next evening the doorbell rang and a little hairy figure was staring at me.
AAHHH! I screamed as the monkey walked inside my house.

He scuttled over to my school bag and threw all the books out on the floor.
Surprisingly he was able to land them in a neat pile .
He snatched my laptop and sat on the floor .
He typed a couple of sentences and threw the laptop into the air .
Crash went the laptop as it hit the floor.

I won’t hire a monkey again to do my homework

5 thoughts on “Week 14 An angry animal by Dan”

  1. Hey, Dan. Great story. Perhaps next time you will think twice about hiring a monkey! Great work.
    From Paddy

  2. Great story! Well done Dan! I agree with Mrs Boyce, I’d like a monkey or robot to do the housework, and especially to make dinners!!
    Although your plan didn’t work out very well in the end!
    Have a very happy Christmas, and we all look forward to more of your stories in 2018.
    Ms Brennock

  3. Brilliant Dan! I absolutely love your story and your take on the prompt. It just goes to show what kind of work gets done if you pay peanuts!!!! Very well done. I’m going to suggest this for Showcase and I hope you’re lucky.

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