Week 14 Bee War by Colin

The golden bees shot their laser as men ran for cover. The weakened buildings crashed to the cracked road. I slid across the dirty road as a laser hit my leg. Numbness seeped into my leg. My friend tried to help me up but a laser darted through his chest. I heard a loud thud as he hit the road. A golden bee landed on him and flew off.

Blood slid down my leg as I crawled into a white building. The building was weak and the wallpaper was peeling off. I leaned on a dirty couch and took a deep breath.

Suddenly a swarm of bees rushed into the building. Stingers … already flashing red.

One thought on “Week 14 Bee War by Colin”

  1. Hi Colin,
    I like your story this week I like the way you used the prompt
    Where did you get your idea from?
    Keep up the good work
    Niamh and Abby

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