Week 14 Elf on the Shelf By Matthew D

My sister an I were decorating the Christmas tree and after a hard days work we were exhausted and decided to go to bed. The next morning I was fit to kick the door because all the beautiful decorations had been taken off the tree. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I spotted an eye. It was my elf on the shelf correction it was my naughty elf on the shelf. I took him out of the room and put all the decorations back up again. Groaning wearily I put the last decoration up on the tree. That night I made sure I locked the door before going to bed.

3 thoughts on “Week 14 Elf on the Shelf By Matthew D”

  1. It was quite a fine piece of work. There were just some minor grammar mistakes.
    Just fix them up and you’ll be good to go!
    – Your Pal, Dylan

  2. Hi my name is Charlie.
    I thought your story is amazing.
    I have two elf on the shelf’s their names are Jeff and Eliza.
    Once they wrote SANTA STOP HERE!beside the Christmas tree on rhe floorboards.

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