Week 14: Mindless Monkey By Naglis

One bright sunny day a monkey named Scrimp was outrageously bored. Scrimp was full of skulduggery and shenanigans. He told his friends he was going to break out of the zoo. Excitedly he waited until it was dark and cold Off he went. Surprisingly Scrimp knew how to use a laptop.

Quickly he ran to the chubby pompous mayor’s house. Scrimp climbed to the top and shouted out” I’m the king ” Then he jumped into the office. There was a brand new Mac book on the table. He turned it on and looked for images of himself and his friends. Sadly it was out of battery. He tried to get out but he couldn’t he was locked in. Suddenly he heard the mayor opening the door…

2 thoughts on “Week 14: Mindless Monkey By Naglis”

  1. Good job on this story! I loved your word choice. I also really like the suspense you left at the end. Also interesting names!

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