Week 14 Monkey escape by Ciaran

Waiting and plotting my plan to get out of here. There was pandemonium everywhere just to see a red butt monkey.  I stood out like a peacock in the snow. After three years now I finally got out and ran straight into the forest.

Suddenly something was crawling up my back …it was a tarantula. Frightened that it might bite me I scraped my back off the first tree I saw. Then I saw flashing lights and the zookeeper caught me. I was so frustrated because I was planning this for years and all the work I put into it.

3 thoughts on “Week 14 Monkey escape by Ciaran”

  1. Hi Ciaran
    My heart just sank for you at the end, fancy being caught by the zoo keeper after all of that! I loved your phrase ‘I stood out like a peacock in the snow’, it is such a powerful image, I hope you don’t mind if I borrow it and share it with my class.
    Have a great Christmas
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

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