Week 14 The Monkey rage by Kacper

Once there was a monkey. One day he was playing Call of duty. But while he was playing the wifi was turned OFF. The monkey got super cantankerous and he threw the laptop[mac book pro] and it got smashed.

HE got aggressive so he stole a hoverboard and went to the store. While he was driving on the hoverboard it broke.  He ran and he ran and the shop was there. He searched and searched and after a while, he found another laptop[mac book pro] and he got it and went home.  When he got home he wanted to play a game but there were no games.




2 thoughts on “Week 14 The Monkey rage by Kacper”

  1. I think this poor monkey is addicted to playing games on the computer!
    I wonder will we turn into monkeys if we play on the gadgets too much?
    Good work Kacper.

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