Week 14 A Switch of habitat by Colin

One morning I was swinging through the dark forest when a loud bang gave me a fright. The birds flew like bullets out of the trees and I knew that this was a bad omen. Slowly I climbed down the trunk and suddenly a tranquilizer shot my leg. My leg hardened with fear when 6 cantankerous men stormed towards me. I was so ghastly afraid, my face hurt.

Slowing down the men called A14 and a helicopter flew high above the trees. The men grabbed me and grabbed a rope to climb up. Wrecked and beat up I soon saw I was in a zoo. All I wanted to do was eat because I was ravenous when suddenly kids came and took the food.

I loathed kids now.

2 thoughts on “Week 14 A Switch of habitat by Colin”

  1. I really like how you approached the story from the monkey’s point of view.
    I couldn’t but feel sorry for the monkey.
    Good work Colin – well done!

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