Week 14 The bee apocalypse by Dylan

It was pandemonium.

We were experimenting on wasps to make them bigger and more robust to be able to use them as war animals. But somehow, they were now gold and going MAD!

They broke through the windows at astonishing speed and were heading for the city. They started destroying cars and buildings and even people. Then they started connecting and formed one giant one. It started sucking up everything in sight including our lab.

The army came and started shooting it but it just sucked them. Then the air force came and I realised that they were our last hope or else the world would end…











One thought on “Week 14 The bee apocalypse by Dylan”

  1. Just brilliant!

    You captured my attention straight away with that opening. Although I’m slightly terrified now, I loved the whole build up to the likely apocalyptic ending.

    Michelle, Team 100wc
    Melbourne, Australia

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