Week 14 The Bee Swarm By Evan

Hi My Name is Dara and this how I survived the 4587 Bee Invasion. I was coming downstairs to read the news. And I saw there were bees everywhere and suddenly the TV turned off.

So I went to tell my mom and we went into my bunker. We got some food and I got my teddy named Jack. I looked up through the gap and there were loads of bees breaking in. I told my mom so she told me to swiftly run. I said I am not leaving you behind. Before I could say anything else she pushed me into the secret entrance and locked the door…

Luckily …it was all a dream.

One thought on “Week 14 The Bee Swarm By Evan”

  1. I loved your story.
    The setting was brilliant.
    Your use of the prompt was amazing and your characters were great.

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