Week 14: Whoops! By Marc

On Christmas Eve I had a plan to stay up and meet Santa.


“Santas here” I whispered. Running outside I saw Santa’s sleigh floating. I jumped on the sleigh and I went by the presents. Suddenly the sleigh started moving and I clenched my jaw. About 1000 feet above the ground, I tapped Santa’s shoulder.

“AAHHHHHHHHHHH!” Shouted Santa and straight away he let go of the rope holding the reindeer.


I was beginning to hyperventilate.

“You destroyed my  sleigh” Santa shouted.

“I can help you get the presents delivered,” I said and I did.

After a while … I woke up. There was a box full of presents at the end of the bed. 

5 thoughts on “Week 14: Whoops! By Marc”

  1. It was fun, but a little fast paced. It had a couple of grammar mistakes, too. Just fix them up and it’s be just that little bit better.
    – Your Pal, Dylan

  2. I enjoyed the twist you had on the how you were able to meet up with Santa. I clenched my jaw when you said you did. Good job getting me to feel what was happening in your 100 Word Challenge story, Marc.

    Keep writing!
    Mrs. Kathleen Silver
    IL, USA
    Team 100

  3. Hi Marc,
    I really enjoyed how your story was Christmas tree.
    But you didn’t explain how you helped Santa deliver the presents.
    But over all it was a good story.
    From Emmanuel
    Ms Brennocks class

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