Week 15: The Match By Naglis

It was Saturday morning and Tom was nervous for the cup final at 12:30. Tom walked to the stadium. All of the team were in the dressing room bombarding the manager with questions… “What formation are we playing?” ” What position am I playing in?” …”Stop!” the manager shouted.

Tom was captain and he was playing striker. When we were shaking the other teams hands the captain was as proud as a peacock. In the beginning Paddy hit the post and it was scoreless at half time. The manager lambasted us in the dressing room. Tom knew his team needed to win.

“C’mon we can win this!” the manager roared as we kicked off the start of the second half.

3 thoughts on “Week 15: The Match By Naglis”

  1. There is some very strong vocabulary in this story Naglis, ‘lambasted’ – what a great description! I also really liked your simile. Great work!

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