Week 15, The Asteroid by Tim

A week ago an asteroid had been spotted entering the Milky Way galaxy. NASA had been trying to figure out how to stop it. Most people didn’t know what to do but one man named John Carter had an idea –  he had told the government to shoot a nuke at the asteroid so it could explode into a million pieces. Some thought that this was a bad idea but John was the only person who knew what would happen.

NASA launched the nuke as the asteroid past Neptune. The nuke hit it and the asteroid exploded. The explosion was so bright that the light blinded him. John was so happy that he saved the human race.

4 thoughts on “Week 15, The Asteroid by Tim”

  1. I really like your story. You seem to be an expert. You use so many many technical words! Well done!

  2. To Tim,
    I love the way you opened the story with an astroiyed,
    The way you used the prompt,

    From Zach

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