Week 15 The Hunt By Colin

I rounded the corner. The slippery ice trying to pull me down. I steadied myself and started to jog. The creature had gone this way, I was sure of it. I passed the new Art and Craft building and heard a slight rustle. The heavy door was slightly ajar. I pulled the door open wider and strolled in. I drew my black pistol and pointed it at a slim outline.

“Don’t shoot, please” a high pitched voice begged.

“What are you doing”? I asked.

“Which way to the shops?” It panted.

Suddenly it pounced at me and knocked me to the ground and bared its fangs. The fangs were dripping with drool.

2 thoughts on “Week 15 The Hunt By Colin”

  1. Well done Colin. This is an excellent story. It is really well written. You have used fantastic vocabulary, descriptions and speech.
    It is really easy to visualise the story and you keep your reader’s interest all the way to the end. You’ve included the prompt seamlessly.
    Excellent work.
    Ms Brennock Team 100 w/c

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