Week 15 The Prison Escape [FAIL] By Ciarán

John was thinking for months now -thinking of a way to escape this abominable prison. He was in his cell one fine day when it came to him.

First, he would bate the guards into his cell, steal their key card and then lock them up. After that, he would get a rope from the staff room where the guards ate. Then he started to climb and he was delighted – no alarms went off thankfully.

Suddenly a spotlight shone on him –  there was nowhere he could run to -he was surrounded and the light blinded him.

5 thoughts on “Week 15 The Prison Escape [FAIL] By Ciarán”

  1. Hi Ciaran, I really like how you used repetition at the start of your story, “thinking” ; it helped emphasise the desire for John to get out of prison. I think you have also used some “wow” words to engage your reader and make your story more interesting. Words like “abominable”, “bait” and “delighted” work really well. Well done.

  2. hi ciaran
    I really like your story and i did not know were you were going to put prompt.
    well done
    i never read war horse.
    from oliver
    ms brennock

  3. Hi Ciarán
    My name is Charlie
    I like the way one day it just came to him.
    When he went to the staff room he must have perfectly timed it so the guards would not be there.
    I loved your story.

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