Week 15 The Robbery By Evan

My name is Jake and I am a local cop. I was downtown one day when someone asked me which way to the shops?  So I told them to take a left then a right 2 times and you will be at the shopping centre.

So I went back home and then got a phone call off the office saying there was a robbery at the local shopping centre.  I got my car and rushed over there. Then I saw the man that asked me where the shopping centre was earlier.  He had bags with money in it. I swiftly rushed over and caught him. The End.

One thought on “Week 15 The Robbery By Evan”

  1. Hi Evan! I liked how you used the prompt, and the story was really creative! But one thing you can do in the future is to not put “The End” in the ending. Over all I liked you story!

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