Week 15: The Weird Robber: By Dan

Beep, Beep.

I picked up my phone. It was an unnamed user, probably my agency calling me for a new mission. “There has been a robbery at the Diamond Jewelery shop. The thief is heading your way. Catch him. ” Then the call ended.

I turned the key in my car and moved out of the underground carpark. Just as I was leaving, a masked ” thing”  walked up to the car. ” Which way to the shops?” it panted. I pointed towards the elevator and it ran towards them.

I knew exactly who this was, it was the thief.

One thought on “Week 15: The Weird Robber: By Dan”

  1. Hi Dan! I love how you hooked your readers with “I picked up my phone. It was an unnamed user”. I also thought the suspense was awesome when you said the thief was coming your way because I started to get nervous about what would happen. I like that you also said you were part of a secret agency. I like to make some stories about secret agents and cool stuff like that to! I think your story is really good!

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