Week 16: Argh! BY Marc

“Captain Bubbles” I shouted, ” There’s the ship you always wanted.”

We fired cannons at the crew protecting the ship. Suddenly Captain John came in a bicycle; John was very cantankerous. After a long days work we won. Bubbles was abominable because his pink hair got destroyed. But we got the ship.

Captain John had a plan to get his ship back. He would use the boat we used to have and pretend it had loads of treasure on it. We saw the ship and we were buffons and we all got on the ship.

It was empty and Captain John got his ship back.

3 thoughts on “Week 16: Argh! BY Marc”

  1. Ahoy there Marc! I would never have expected this week’s prompt words to inspire a pirate’s tale; what an imagination you must have! A bicycle on a ship? Sounds like Capn John might be more of a landlubber to me! 😉 You’ve clearly worked hard in your hunt for vocabulary treasure; cantankerous, abominable and buffoon are richly impressive words.
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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