Week 16 Circus By Matthew D

I am a clown and tonight I’m performing a big show. The crowd was chuckling as I cycled around the arena on my pink bicycle. I jumped off the bike and took a bow.

Next, I swaggered over to get my hat and I put it on my head. When I took it off it was empty-  well I thought it was but bubbles then started pouring out of it.

It was all going wrong. I scurried off as quickly as I could. After the show, the boss called me into his office and fired me. I left the room and slammed the door in anger.

2 thoughts on “Week 16 Circus By Matthew D”

  1. Well done Matthew.
    I enjoyed reading your story.
    It sounds like the audience really enjoyed your act …even when the bubbles started pouring out of your hat!

  2. Matthew, I enjoyed your story. I think you had a great story line and good word choice. I did notice that the first sentence is present tense and the rest is past tense. Otherwise, great job, and keep on writing!

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