Week 16: Dreadful Day By Naglis

“Your fired” roared my cantankerous, chubby, pompous boss Jack as he smiled smugly. I limped downed the stairs slowly while hyperventilating. I trotted over to my niece’s pink bicycle and cycled home. I could feel my eyes getting watery and I could even feel some tears dripping off my cheeks. I scurried inside the door of my house and then realised that I still had to pay my electricity bills and my mortgage but I didn’t get my wages. So soon after my house got taken away from me as well. Now all I have left is myself and my poor goldfish, Bubbles. 

What would I do now..?

2 thoughts on “Week 16: Dreadful Day By Naglis”

  1. Well done Naglis. You have used some great vocabulary. My class learned the word ‘cantankerous’ last week too! It’s a great word! You describe your boss excellently. You’ve done a great job including the prompt words. (I think you forgot to use ’empty’.)
    I enjoyed your story this week.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100

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