Week 16: The Demolition Derby: By Dan

3! 2! 1! GO!  We were away every Demolition Derby vehicle.                                      Team Furry was the favourite for this race, but they were already near the very back.

I drifted slowly around the first corner and I did so lap after lap until the last lap. It was a battle for the front- My team Vs Team Furry.  Both our cars were in a horrendous condition after the crashes and bashes that we had received.

Suddenly disaster struck. Furry ‘s  Car shot into the air and hit the ground. I looked back as the driver climbed out of the wrecked car.

I Had Won The Race.

One thought on “Week 16: The Demolition Derby: By Dan”

  1. I like how you put some action inside when the story said Furry’s car shot into the air. I liked how you used your word choice

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