Week 16 The Temple By Tadhg

Crash !
” What was that?” I shouted angrily .
“I don’t know. It doesn’t matter – all it did was get in the way of our race”.
” Let’s check it out, “I said.
We went in .
Crash .
The roof fell over the door.
“I told you we shouldn’t have gone in here” said Tom.
“Now the bike is broken and we don’t have a way out of this empty temple-  where will we go now?” I yelled .
We went forward and suddenly we saw light . We found a ball. I raged and fired it into a bush . “I wonder where that ball came from?” said Tom . We looked behind the bush and found pink bubbles coming out of a hole.  “This place is weird and why was there bubbles coming from the ground?…”


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  1. I really like your story but it didn’t really make sense to me with all the periods but I felt l like, if you take those out it, will be great.

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