Week 16 Tragedy by Mathew OG

My Dad was recently fired from his job. We lost a lot of money and we had to sell the pink car. All we had for transport was Mom’s old bike.

My friend lizz and I arranged to go to the park on our bicycles. The basket on my bicycle was empty but hers was overflowing with bubbles. It was great fun in the park.  We didn’t only blow bubbles we played football too. As we left our faces were beaming with smiles.

As we were cycling home I had a bad feeling  and when we turned the corner WWWWHHHHIIIIIRRRRR!!!!!!!



8 thoughts on “Week 16 Tragedy by Mathew OG”

  1. I like your story espeacialy the cliff hanger at the end “When we turned the corner WWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!” it really causes you to wonder what happened after. If you could make a follow up story in later prompts that would be amazing!

  2. It has the same problem as many stories I’ve read, now just on this platform. But honestly… It was very interesting. You had a idea, and ran with it! Good on you!
    Your Buddy, Dylan.

  3. I think that your had a good beginning and a I liked how your story had an ambiguis ending but the middle was only so-so. Still pretty good though.

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