Week 16 Working In The Zoo By Danny

Hi, my name is Mick and I work in Dublin  Zoo. Every morning I cycle to work on my bicycle. First I always go see Bubbles the monkey. After that I go see Joey and Zoey the twin gorillas. After all that I go for my lunch. Once a week I have a pink milkshake.

After my lunch, I go see my favourite animals – the penguins. These are my favourite animals because they are my responsibility. When I went I zigzagged through the enclosure but it was empty. And then I knew I would be fired by my cantankerous and irate boss.

3 thoughts on “Week 16 Working In The Zoo By Danny”

  1. Ooh Danny. Your boss doesn’t sound too pleasant!
    I wonder if you could think of alternatives to ‘after.’ Perhaps ‘eventually’ or ‘later’ – what do your think?
    Good luck with the penguin hunt!
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

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