Week 16;The Adventures Of Mr Hand Man By Conor

One day Mr hand man was up on an enormous building.


The bank was being robbed by robbers. So Mr. Handman flew down. When he got down the robbers were no ordinary robbers – they were feet. These little feet were big buffoons. They were causing a lot of skulduggery. Luckily  Mr. Hand had a special potion. This potion made Mr. Hand really strong.

BOOM!!!!! BANG!!!! KA-POW!!!!

The feet were defeated!

3 thoughts on “Week 16;The Adventures Of Mr Hand Man By Conor”

  1. Hi Conor
    I liked the idea of hands and feet battling against each other. It was a relief to read that good triumphed over evil in your story and that the feet were beaten, always a good way to end a story.
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

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