Week 17 5060 By Aidan

Date: 20th of January 5060

Dear Diary,

Today the strangest thing happened. I was having a few friends over and we were going to the park. On the way there we passed this weird yellow thing. We all got off our flying scooters and started to walk around it. It was like it had made us come over. When we passed a shop we decided to go inside instead of going to the park. I bought a few globbies and frigors and then we left. On the way back the same thing happened but only my friends walked over to the yellow thing. When they came back their eyes were red they were dribbling and they wouldn’t talk to me.

Bye Dear Diary.

We will talk again tomorrow.


One thought on “Week 17 5060 By Aidan”

  1. Hi Adain
    Really peculiar story I wonder what it would be like at that time
    From Bartosz ms Brennocks

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