Week 17 A mystery is solved… by Jacob

Today I decided to take a walk at the park. As I was making my way there I saw a man with a mask on – he had a golden bike and was going so fast. I wanted to follow him until he put the bike up at a post and went into a bush.

Suddenly the guards pinned me to a wall and said: “WE’VE GOT YOU NOW”. I was telling them to chill but that made them angrier. I told them someone went into the bushes. They looked in the bushes and gasped.

The guards pulled out a man. The mystery was solved.




2 thoughts on “Week 17 A mystery is solved… by Jacob”

  1. Hi Jacob
    Loved the story Jacob it reminded of when I saw a person who tried to rob a bike on my road.


  2. Hi Jacob,
    I was so relieved that the police found the real culprit and that you weren’t framed for something you hadn’t done. Keep up the good work.
    Mrs O’ Sullivan.

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