Week 17 Can’t Keep up By Matthew D

I was doing my round in the prison and Bone Crusher  (A.K.A Lucy )was missing. This was a bad omen as she was a menacing prisoner that every prison guard loathed. I ran to the chief to tell him the bad news.

“But how could she have disappeared ?”he said with a sense of foreboding in his voice.

Suddenly we caught sight of a figure running out the back door. I chased the figure and I soon realised that the figure was Bone Crusher. After a burst of exhilaration I tried to catch her but she was too quick. I couldn’t keep up with her and then … she was out of sight.

3 thoughts on “Week 17 Can’t Keep up By Matthew D”

  1. Great story Matthew. What made you choose to set it in a prison? You have made some great language choices. Keep up the great writing.

    4J St Anthony’s

  2. Well done Matthew – I loved the name – Bone Crusher. I can see why the thought of this prisoner missing would send shivers down your spine!
    I hope they catch her.

  3. Great story Matthew I really liked the way you came up with the name bone crusher well done.
    mrs Brennock fifth class

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