Week 17: Daring Dinah By Naglis

“You’re grounded” roared Dinah’s strict pompous father.

“You are definitely not going to the concert” he added.

Angrily, Dinah leaped on her bed and started crying heavily. But an idea sprung to her mind. “I could sneak out” she whispered to herself cheekily. So she put on her best clothes and covered her face with her mother’s opulent make up. Next she darted out of the window and she scurried off to the concert.

Meanwhile back at the house her mother walked into the room to check on her as  her father wasn’t in a good mood. “But how could she just disappear?” thought Dinah’s mother…

3 thoughts on “Week 17: Daring Dinah By Naglis”

  1. Hi Naglis.

    You used the prompt really good,
    And ur story was very interesting,
    Well done.
    From Abby and Niamh

  2. Hi Naglis
    Was the concert fun and whey did you get in trouble?
    I liked your story and thank you for commenting.
    From Oliver

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