Week 17 :The last snake by Sean

One stormy night I was in bed asleep. I was dreaming about the last red snake. In my dream, I was running through a damp forest. Then a few minutes I saw a red snake.

I was terrified at first but it began to be nice. But suddenly smoke when flying into the air.I was not scared but the snake was. It jumped up and bit my leg.

I went outside and got my bike and I cycled all the way down to my uncle’s house. But before I checked the clock in my uncle’s house I heard a scream…

3 thoughts on “Week 17 :The last snake by Sean”

  1. Hi Sean, I’m very curious to know what happened. Had the snake slithered all the way to your Uncle’s house and got there before you? Oh but I forgot – this is all only a dream!

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