Week 17 Milly, my guinea pig By Danny

“But how could she just disappear ?” I asked my mom.

But then something came to my mind. I had been in school that day,  when my brother John was at home and my mom had invited his best friend Tommy over. Straight away I ran up stairs just to notice that Tommy was still over. And then I thought to myself, ” I’m watching you Tommy. ”

The rest of that day I stalked the two of them but especially Tommy to see if he had Milly my guinea pig. Later on, I went into my room and noticed Milly on my bed. After that I said, ” well that was a waste of my day. ”

Then I noticed I didn’t have my homework done.

2 thoughts on “Week 17 Milly, my guinea pig By Danny”

  1. Well done Danny.
    I’m glad Milly was found. But I wonder had Tommy anything to do with her being missing?
    As for the homework…knowing you-you’ll have it done in no time!

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