Week 17, My Sister is Lost, by Mikolaj

My Dad needed a kettle because he wanted to drink tea. He never ever drank tea. He was watching people on YouTube and they were drinking tea in nearly every video. So we decided to go to the car and get a kettle.

We got to Lidl and finally we found a kettle. It was 8:54 and the shop was closing at 9:00. My Dad bellowed , “Everybody run to the cashier before they lock us inside. “

When we got to the car I wondered where is my sister.

I told my Dad and he thought how could she just disappear?

3 thoughts on “Week 17, My Sister is Lost, by Mikolaj”

  1. Hi mikolaj

    Nice story
    Love how you used your prompt
    Love how your dad was watching YouTube
    and there was no spelling mistake
    Excellent work keep it up

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