Week 17: The Mystery By Adam

One dark dreary night I saw something in my press. It looked like a red snake. As the clock chimed at midnight I went outside and cycled to my friend’s house. I got him to come to my house the following morning and all we saw was my dog.

The day went on. When it turned nighttime I saw it again and told my friend to take a picture of it. Before we turned on the light it had disappeared. It was inexplicable. My friend was contemplating what to do.

Outside something hazardous was slithering around the garden. A snake was found in the morning and taken to the pet store.

3 thoughts on “Week 17: The Mystery By Adam”

  1. Hi Adam
    You have really impressed me this week some of your mature word choices, which you use effortlessly in your writing.
    I am a little concerned that the snake was hazardous but ended up in a pet shop, I certainly think that a puppy would be a safer pet to have!
    Miss T
    Hampshire, England

  2. Hello Adam. I love your use of the word ‘inexplicable’. It’s a great word to use! You used some other great words too – ‘contemplating’ and ‘hazardous’. Well done and I’m glad the snake was brought to the pet store where he could be looked after.

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