Week 17 Stolen BIke by Ben

Connor and I were out cycling. When we were passing the woods I said to Connor “Do you want to go into the woods?”

” But we’re not allowed,” Connor said.

“Ya and there`s no one here to stop us,” I said.

“I suppose so,” said Connor.

So then we went into the woods and we left our bikes outside. But when we were in the woods a robber was running down the street he saw the bikes and he took Connor’s one. When we came out of the woods we chased after the robber. But the robber was smart so when he took Connors bike he broke mine. The robber was too fast for us on the bike. He was too busy looking back at us that he went up a pole and fell. We got the bike.

But Connor blamed me for that day so he never wanted to be my friend again.

One thought on “Week 17 Stolen BIke by Ben”

  1. Hi Ben,
    It was the end of a beautiful friendship! That’s what mischief leads to! I’m glad the robber met his downfall. Well done.
    Mrs O’ Sullivan.

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