Week 17 The day my teacher went missing By:Tadhg

“Alli for the last time, the teachers are not for breakfast. If you keep on eating teachers you wont be able to come to school with me.”
Okay -now we have to find out if the principal found out about it. If she does she is going to ban alligators from this school forever! “
Suddenly on the intercom …”Alli and Tadhg please come to my office immediately!”
“Tadhg did your alligator eat the teacher?”
“No Miss – he would never do something so horribly rude.”
“But how could she just disappear then?”
“She might have just hated her job and decided to leave .”
“Tadhg,  I blame you for what happened and I’m going to write a…”
“Good boy Alli -lets go home.”

4 thoughts on “Week 17 The day my teacher went missing By:Tadhg”

  1. I loved your story this week!
    Well done Tadhg.
    You’ve used too much dialogue …again … but it seems to work this time.
    I think I’m glad you guys don’t bring pets to school!

  2. Hi Tadhg,
    I really liked the ending when Alli ate the princable just before you nearly got in trouble. I also have a question has Alli ate every teacher in the school.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Tadhg,
    My name is Charlie.
    I thought your story was really cool.
    I like the way that the aligator was eating all the teachers but nobody noticed.
    I also like the name Alli for the alligator.

  4. Hi Tadhg ,

    This story is very interesting. It was cool the way you used the prompt

    From Mia in St Molagas school

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