Week 17 Venom out by Colin

Slowly I plodded through the muck and sand. I heard a branch break and leaves crinkling together. I foùnd a bike and cycled on it through the trees. I hèàrd more noises : bullet ants and howls.  I looked at my watch and it was 3 o clock. I got off my bike and heard a hiss from behind the tree!

But before I went over I took a deep breath. I trembled and walked over a red snake with venomous fangs as sharp as blades. It leapt at me and sliced its fangs into my smooth skin. Blood dribbled out and I was in pain as if 20 bears had scaped me. Soon the venom kicked in… Thankfully help came and I was okay.

2 thoughts on “Week 17 Venom out by Colin”

  1. Hi Colin. My heart was up in my mouth reading your story. You’ve done a brilliant job describing the snake attack. I’m so glad you got the antidote in time. Otherwise this story might not have such a happy ending.

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