Week 17:The accident: by Liam A

One wet stormy night I was lying on the couch. I was watching my new clock ticking left and right. I got up and saw something red behind the TV. I walked closer and closer until I noticed it was a snake.

It was the KING PYTHON, nearly the most venomous snake in the world. Before it sprayed its venom on me I just got out the way. I started running and the snake wasn’t far behind. I saw my bike over by the shed I got up on it and cycled away from the snake.

I looked back to see if the snake was there…CRASH!!!

2 thoughts on “Week 17:The accident: by Liam A”

  1. Hi Liam
    This was certainly action packed! I was really worried that the snake wasn’t just any old snake hiding behind your sofa but the king python, I’m not surprised that you tried to get away as quickly as you could!
    Miss T Stockbridge, Hampshire

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