Week 18 A Mysterious figure By Jack

One day in Sydney, Australia a mysterious cloud appeared. The cloud was coloured yellow, blue, red, green, purple and white. Suddenly there was the crack of thunder and a dazzling bolt of lightning struck the ground.
And in the exact spot where the lightning struck stood a figure like a human being except frozen still and all the colours that were in the cloud were covering it.
Everyone around the figure stared at it in awe but that was their mistake. Then without warning, a menacing little girl skipped over to the figure.
“Mommy -look at this thing,” the little girl called out chuckling.
“Honey,” called the little girl’s mother ” Get away from it.”
But it was too late.  She was frozen still.
“Run!” Someone shouted, “And don’t look at them.”

3 thoughts on “Week 18 A Mysterious figure By Jack”

  1. Hi Jack, Your piece was really cool. I like the part where the little girl got frozen like the figure. It sounded like it was a magic figure and whenever someone got to close they became frozen! Keep up the good work. Maybe you could make the ending a little more interesting.

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