Week 18: The Funeral by Christopher

The priest came, then there was complete silence for a few moments. About thirty people were there.  There wasn’t much space because we were in the house.

The priest just finished and my Mam started crying. I hugged her, my eyes got tearful; then I started crying. While the coffin was entering the car my brother played the national anthem on his bag pipes. We then walked behind the car to the church.

We shook hands with everybody. While the coffin went under we all threw a Mauve rose in. The steel outskirts were covered. We then all had a lovely dinner in silence, Beef and Carrots.

10 thoughts on “Week 18: The Funeral by Christopher”

  1. Great use of all 5 words from the prompt! You could put some more description in. We could feel the tears running down our faces. Reading that made us want to cry.

    From Charlotte and Sophie
    Friday Bridge Primary School

  2. Hi Christopher, that was an excellent story.
    I really liked how you used the five word prompt.
    The funeral must have been so sad.
    I really liked your story this week.
    Keep up the good work.
    Shane C.

  3. Well done Christopher. This is an excellent story. It’s poignant and I’m sure it will strike a chord with many readers.
    Your use of the prompt words is so subtle they are barely noticeable.
    Great writing.
    Ms Brennock

  4. What an excellent story Christopher!
    You wrote it so well , the detail is so magnificent you have a large chance of being showcased this week! Come visit my blog at Ms O’Keeffe’s class.

  5. Hi Christopher
    This was a really well written piece this week and obviously written from the heart. Often people shy away from writing about difficult times but, as a reader, it can be very moving and thought provoking.
    Thank you for the courage to put down your ideas in such a mature manner.
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, England

  6. Well done Christopher, I really liked your 100-word challenge this week, I really liked how you used the prompt words in your story this week.

    Star= I liked the way you based your story.

    Wish=a few more sentence openers and a few more adjectives.

    Star=i loved the way you used the word Mauve in your story.

    Question=How did you think of this plan for your story.

    Please checkout my story on this link.

    Kind regards

  7. Well done Christopher.
    I’m sure this story was inspired by recent events and I was thinking of your grandmother reading this.
    You can be very proud of your work this week.

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