Week 18 The Great Carrot Heist By Shane F

As I got up for work in the carrot bank of Rabtopia, I walked out of my mauve apartment. I heard my four neighbors planning something very suspicious. I didn’t want to eaves drop on their plan but it sounded too suspicious . I heard Jerry whisper, “I have genetically engineered these carrots to explode with a push of this button!”Suddenly I heard  Marcus coming to the door so I ran as fast as I could to work.

Later that day I told the manager but he didn’t believe me. About twenty minutes later 4 rabbits in ski masks marched in armed with steel knives and guns . I was tearful that no one  believed me . But I hid under the desk.

“Give us all your carrots or these ones will blow you up!”

9 thoughts on “Week 18 The Great Carrot Heist By Shane F”

  1. Great writing Shane! I love the name you have used for the bank in the story!
    I think your closing sentence is very clever too.
    Great writing. Well done.
    Ms Brennock

  2. This is a brilliant story! It is very creative and imaginative. It would be even better if you included more commas. I really hope you continue this story as I would love to find out what happens next!

  3. hi shane
    this was a great story
    hopefully it goes well in the end
    i think you should make a continuation
    sean mc s

  4. Excellent peice of work Shane, we thought it was very amusing. Try to use more commas next time. This story is very unique and we would love to hear how it continues!

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