Week 18 A lost boy by Kyle

One day a boy went to a house. The boy went up to the door and felt it. He said that it felt like steel. Suddenly the door opened. There was a note on the mat; it said to look under the mat.

He did as the note said and he fell into water. The boy was tearful. When he got out of the water he saw carrots to the right hand side of him. Then to the left he saw a suit that was a mauve type of colour. …

Now the boy was dead for over 200 years now  nobody went there anymore. After the boy’s father found him dead he got the house knocked down and the boy was buried.


6 thoughts on “Week 18 A lost boy by Kyle”

  1. Good story Kyle, I really
    Wonder why are there suits and carrots
    In the hole. I really wonder what happens next.
    By your friend Kacper

  2. Well done, I really enjoyed reading this! You’ve used a good variety of sentence lengths, this made it really engaging to read.
    You have made a good attempt at using a range of punctuation.
    I liked your choice of the word ‘mauve’ this made the image really clear for the reader.

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