Week 18 The Statue By Matthew D

One dark dreary night a robber and his gang had just robbed the bank. They got away. Cunningly, their leader said,”Let’s hide behind the three statues.” As soon as they made that move they knew that they were going to regret it .

All of a sudden the statues came to life. This bamboozled the robbers . Quickly the three statues coerced them into giving them all the money. They then tied them up and called the Gardaí to take them away. Then they gave all the money back to the bank.

The three courageous  statues saved the bank’s money.

5 thoughts on “Week 18 The Statue By Matthew D”

  1. Well done Matthew – I really enjoyed your story this week.
    I wonder were the three statues undercover security agents for the bank?
    It was a great disguise – the gang didn’t suspect a thing.
    Good work.

  2. What a fabulous story and I really like your use of brilliant vocabulary. I’m so glad the robbers were ‘bamboozled’ and the money was returned to its’ rightful place. Well done Matthew.

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