Week 18 The Odd Statues By Kacper

I was in Australia and was heading to the Sydney Oprea House when suddenly I saw strange and interesting statues.

“What are they?” I asked myself.

There were about 200 of these statues and I was in shock. After when I came from my vacation I learned that they were not statues. Instead, they were souls of the old samurais and they came back to kill other people.

They said that they killed 2 people already and they were seeking more revenge.

I didn’t sleep for 2 weeks and never want to see them again.

6 thoughts on “Week 18 The Odd Statues By Kacper”

  1. Great story Kasper
    I loved how you used the prompt
    From Darragh in ms Brennock’s class
    Please comment on my story

  2. Out of the stories that I read this week I think this one is my favorite. I like how you did the myth and made everything seem new and unknown although the I think the final sentence could have been removed and then you could use more describing words instead.

  3. I liked your story a lot but if feel like it could use a little bit more punctuation to make it more interesting.

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