Week 18 The red flags by Jacob

Today we’re doing a mission – a very IMPORTANT mission. I’m in squadron  5 aka the red flags. Mother told me not to join the war because she might never ever see me again. I told her I was fighting for grandfather then she started to cry.

The time had come when we were told to get in our aircraft. I complained to the commander “BUT IT IS SO SLOW” I said. “Stick to your aircraft solider- that’s an order.”” Fine ” I said.

As our bombers made our way to the French coast  ME 214’s came and attacked our bombers. Screams came through the radios as bombers got shot down


The bombs dropped –  explosions came out of nowhere.

Doomsday had begun.

2 thoughts on “Week 18 The red flags by Jacob”

  1. Hi Jacob,
    Well done! That was a very dramatic story and I like the way you worked in the prompt. Don’t forget to use capital letters for the name of your squadron as it is a proper noun. You built up the tension and atmosphere very well towards the end of the story and I admire your final sentence. Keep up the good work!
    Mrs O’ Sullivan.

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