Week 18 : The red headed aliens : By Maciej

The aliens were ready to attack.

“They have their laser guns ready to shoot, Captain Syz,”  said the alien commander.

“Okay, we will drop them on Earth, in Australia,”  he said and pressed the button to drop the alien capsules .

The capsules landed in the sea . They burst in half before touching the water and the aliens swam to the edge of the beach. When the aliens reached beach people ran away. Everyone was scared but one of the painters by accident dropped his paint on one and the alien’s head turned red and he turned in to a statue. The painter then took more paint and spread it on the aliens and they all turned into colourful statues.

2 thoughts on “Week 18 : The red headed aliens : By Maciej”

  1. Hi Maciej this is Bartosz from ms Brennocks class loved your story can’t wait to read more of your very good stories.

    Bartosz ms Brennocks.

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