Week 18:The Statues:By Liam A

One wet stormy day I was going for a walk. It started to rain so I went into a  restaurant.  I saw a statue outside and then two more came out of nowhere. Soon the sun came out. So I went over to the three statues and rubbed my eyes because I thought I saw a door in the ground but I must have been just daydreaming.

Then I leaned up against the statue and heard a click. I saw that door again in the ground. I walked over to it and went in.

All I saw were diamonds and gold.

5 thoughts on “Week 18:The Statues:By Liam A”

  1. Hi Liam it is me Conor

    I like the part were you find the diamond and gold
    Can you comment on my story
    BYE FOR NOW!!!!!!!

  2. What a mysterious piece you’ve written this week – Well done Liam.
    I wonder what did you just walk into? Was it some criminal’s secret hiding place or lair?
    Whatever it is – I feel you should get out of there quickly!
    Good work!

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