Week 19 The abandoned boats by Kyle

One day I was with my two friends Sean and Julius. We went in the woods and we found four abandoned boats. We investigated one boat and we found a lot of dead bodies. Then we saw a ghost and ran out of the boat. Then we were surrounded by ghosts.

I shouted RUN. Then we ran as fast as we could and we made it to our own houses. But the ghosts followed us and kidnapped us. They brought us to their boat and we were being turned into ghosts.

Luckily I knew a way to defeat ghosts. I told Julius and Sean how to do so and we were freed in the end

5 thoughts on “Week 19 The abandoned boats by Kyle”

  1. Well done Kyle! You didn’t share the way to defeat the ghosts!! I wonder what it is…
    I enjoyed your story, but I wouldn’t enjoy being near those boats and ghosts!!
    Great story.
    Ms Brennock

  2. What an epic adventure Kyle! I wonder why the ghosts are kidnapping people and turning them into ghosts? Maybe they have some kind of sinister plan! Great writing Kyle, keep it up!

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