Week 19: A Bomb by Kayden

As they walked down the forest the drug lord and his goons tried to be as quiet as they could so they wouldn’t wake up any animals. They were all setup for their raid. They were going to sneak into an outpost and steal all the drugs they could. To get there they had to use the famous boat used to rescue the Portuguese President from a terrorist attack on his island.

The gang headed towards the outpost with the boat. Everyone on the island was asleep, this was their chance. Suddenly one of the goons noticed a red flashing light behind the steering wheel. It was a bomb. Before the gang could jump off the boat it exploded, waking up everyone on the island.

8 thoughts on “Week 19: A Bomb by Kayden”

  1. Hi Kayden, Lots of excitement and adventure in this week’s offering. I really think they got what they deserved. Illegal drugs are not in in any form and drug lords and goons sound very frightening to me! Well done. A very enjoyable story this week.

  2. Well done Kayden, great job with your 100 word challenge this week.

    Star=I loved the way you based your story.
    Star=I’m happy that the animals woke up before it was too late.
    Wish=More sentence openers and adjectives next week.
    Star= I don’t many people will feel sorry for the other people.
    Link=doesn’t really link to anything fo r me.
    Question=do they all die or do some of them get caught.

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    Kind regards

  3. Well, I think some would say that that served them right Kayden! I wonder who planted the bomb? Maybe the President had spy working undercover who found out about the plot. A fantastic story, well done!

  4. It sounds like KARMA to me.
    I don’t think there will be too many feeling sorry for these people.
    I really enjoyed your story this week – well done Kayden.

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